Why Self-Storage Is An Eco-Friendly Solution For Homeowners

Why Self-Storage Is An Eco-Friendly Solution For Homeowners

A topic that continues to dominate the news and sparks conversations online is climate change. It is rapidly becoming more evident the importance of reducing our carbon footprint to help lower carbon emissions before we have caused irreversible damage to the planet.

That is why in our daily lives, many of us are searching for changes wemake to our lives and things we can do to help save the planet. Whether choosing to walk or cycle instead of drive, bringing reusable bags with you when you go to a supermarket, cutting down on your electricity usage and recycling – or not even using plastic bottles, are all habits that a person can implement in their lives to help in the fight against climate change.

Most of these can be applied to how we become more eco-friendly within our own homes. The list of ways to help you become an eco-conscious homeowner or renter continues to increase, with new ways to reduce your impact being added frequently.

Another way in which homeowners can help the environment is by investing in self-storage. By simply renting a self-storage unit, you can store household items that you either need but have no space for or that you may not need currently although you will possibly in the future. Having this option can be incredibly useful for those who have recently moved or who are due to move and are going through the agonising process of packing up and sorting through their belongings.

Fortunately for the environment, investing in space at a self-storage facility means that none of your household goods is to a landfill. If you are considering investing in self-storage, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you continue to make more eco-friendly choices.

Check The Cost

Depending on the size of the self-storage unit you are considering investing in, the price for each unit will vary in price. Larger units are going to cost more than those of smaller sizes, and ones located in London will cost more than places further north of the country. In addition to this, the cost will rise depending on the length of time you want to keep your self-storage unit. Luckily, storage facilities such as Safestore share their self storage prices on their website to provide you with an idea of what options are available that fit your budget.

Local Facilities

With self-storage facilities becoming an increasingly popular choice for storing unwanted goods, there are many self-storage units available across the country. The domino effect of this means that the chances of a facility near you are relatively high, which in turn reduces the length of time you have to travel. During trips to your local self-storage unit where you are only going to check on one thing or just dropping or picking up smaller items, there is the option of walking or taking the bus.

Eco-Friendly Units

Investing in a self-storage facility to avoid sending households goods to a landfill is one step at helping to reduce waste. However, it is equally as important to find a centre that is green-friendly. Self-storage centres that are concerned about the environment are often built with extra energy-efficient features, which range from solar energy, passive building techniques and also have top-rated efficiency mechanical equipment.

If you find an incredibly bright storage centre, often means that they are using new energy-efficient LED lighting. This helps to consume less energy than more traditional lighting fixtures. Combining the LED lighting with the shiny, almost reflective, floors means that fewer lighting fixtures are needed to help light up space.

Submitted by Grace Murphy.