Make Your Boat Feel Like Home

Make your boat feel like home with these 7 accessories

Boat ownership makes more sense now than ever, as a safe way to escape the world it is hard to beat, and these little luxuries could put the cherry on the cake.


  1. Solar kit

If you want to use appliances such as a TV, a microwave, and a computer, you’ll need to consider how to create a reliable power supply to operate them. Investing in a kit with marine solar panels and inverter will ensure that you can operate all the electrical equipment you need, without creating damaging carbon emissions. It will also be a more cost-effective way of maintaining your power supply. Even if you want to ‘disconnect’ from the outside world on your trip, solar panels can provide a useful back-up, in case of emergencies.

  1. Lighting

How you light the interior (and, indeed, exterior) of your boat can make the difference between a strictly functional feel, and one that is relaxing and homely. Without replacing the existing lighting system on your boat, consider adding more subtle touches. For example, flexible coloured LED striplights are easy to install, use very little power, and can be used on stairwells, or around doors to bathe a dark area in soft light. Solar powered lamps are ideal for the deck area.

  1. Make it cozy

To create a real ‘home from home atmosphere, accessorize with family photos, and favorite paintings. Soften up the interior with plenty of cushions rugs, and curtains or blinds. They don’t have to match each other – this can look a little too ‘staged’. Mix textures, colours, and patterns to create and relaxed and informal ambiance where you and your passengers will enjoy chilling at any time of day or night.


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  1. Keep it tidy

There’s often a lack of storage on boats that is spacious enough to tidy away bags and sports gear. Get a little creative and invest in some ‘feet’ to raise the beds. This will create additional space to slide bulky items underneath and restore order and calm to your living space.

  1. Add some music

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing lunch on deck or cozying up after a good dinner, your favourite music can provide the perfect backdrop. That’s why a portable Bluetooth speaker is an ideal accessory. Look for a robust model with an IPX7 waterproof rating, which will be able to handle some knocks and falls with ease.

  1. Movie night

A movie night can be a great idea and when you’re on your boat, there’s no reason to forego this pleasure. A mini projector, such as the Apeman M4, which comes with its own screen, can turn your cabin into a movie theatre. Plug your popcorn maker into the solar power, and you’ll be ready to go!

  1. Stay clean

On a longer trip, you have three choices. Bring a mountain of clothes with you to change as the ones you’re wearing get dirty, and take home a mountain of dirty laundry. Keep wearing the same clothes, regardless. Or, take less and wash as you go. That’s not always easy, given that you need to conserve water as much as possible. The reusable Scrubba wash bag will help you clean those essential items, easily, with minimum effort, and conserving water.