Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid – 48g/Km, 155.5mpg, 0-60 5.9 Sec – Short Test

Volvo have created the ultimate eco-tourer with attitude.

In typical understated Volvo style they have produced a rocket of a car with paper-aeroplane emissions.

As a biker of many years I have a mixed relationship with Volvo. These days however I regard them as producers of some of the finest cars available.


This hybrid example is no exception. It feels rock solid and of very high quality. It makes for a highly desirable choice if you cover significant mileage. Despite this is also likes to shake a tail feather.

The six second 0-60 time will blow out all the cobwebs while the chassis handles its (not insignificant) weight very well. Combined power from engine and motor is just below 300hp; proving that saving trees can be fun.

Inside you are treated to some of the most cosseting seats you will find on wheels and a dashboard layout that oozes quality, albeit rather busy quality.

There is a price for all this cleverness – £43k after the government have stumped up their £5k for you buying a plug in motor. That is a lot of money compared to plug-in hybrids from Toyota and Vauxhall.


There again, it is a much more appealing car, with the benefits of four wheel drive, genuine high-end luxury, and simply not being a Prius.

It also works out at only a few grand more than a similarly specced V60 without all the elec-trickery.

Marketed against the German giants the Volvo makes a lot of sense. Audi, BMW and Mercedes all have their strengths but the Volvo has fewer weaknesses. They are great cars for people that wish to impress themselves; not the neighbours.


words and pics – Mark Wolens