V12 Footwear MukGuard Review

Having recently purchased a new home with a rather large (for me anyway) garden, I was not relishing walking in and out of my home on those inevitable wet days and having to remove muddy wellington boots or gardening boots.

I opted to contact V12 Footwear and requested a pair of size 9-10 MukGuard overshoes. Request granted, the greener neoprene product arrived the next day in a presentation, re-sealable, instruction printed holder and paired together with a carabiner. First impressions are good here and reading the instructions you can clearly see they are a machine washable, at 30 degrees, product that will be easy to use and keep your boots/shoes dirt free.

Having removed the product and examined for the best part of a few minutes, it was time to put these guards to the test. Gloves-check, tools-check, hat (little light rain occuring and did not want the glasses getting wet!)-check, boots on-check and on with the MukGuards. Using the integral pull loop, they slipped on a treat and then off they came, just had to do it again to be sure, and on they slipped. They felt almost undetectable on my feet until I tried to slide on the tiled floor in the porch and nothing, did not move as the non slip wording on the base of the MukGuard did it’s job just right. Time to lift ones feet up when walking now, lets go.


Over the next half hour or so of digging, weeding and lots of walking in and out of the paved (to be) path area I thought it was about time for a cuppa and off into the house I went. Time to remove the overshoe and see what the results were. Caked in mud and slipped off my boot with ease, the only issue I could have is a few small rocks and mud had entered the overshoe via the inner arch, which I did not notice until I saw a mark on the hallway carpet, but not something I would really complain about in the future. This could be stopped by raising the design of the overshoe by an inch, however, not an issue here.

Having used them for a couple of days, I chose to put them through the wash test, rigged up the machine to 30 degrees and added a few other muddy items of clothing. Hung out on the washing line to see they were clean as new and dried soon after. They returned to the original shape and they were put with my other gardening shoes/boots together with the carabiner in their bag. They were used again over the next week with similar results but have slightly lost the shape but not unusable by far.

Overall rating 8 out of 10.

Words & photographs – Karl Tullett