Tour of India – Flights

Roger Wolens writes about the delights of India – environmental and otherwise

Travelling in style makes such a difference

My wife Jackie is not the most relaxed air passenger, but in KLM Business Class she managed (dared?) to sleep for the first time in 30 years of flying.

We were fortunate to be bumped up to Business Class because they could not find two seats together for us in Tourist.

There was a champagne welcome as we climbed up the spiral staircase to the luxury pod on top of the jumbo jet, and that level of service and comfort was maintained throughout the eight hour journey from Amsterdam to Delhi.

We were presented with restaurant-quality menus from which to choose mouthwatering dishes (guinea fowl, venison, etc) and all dinks were available free on request.

Complimentary slippers, sleeping mask and toiletry kit added to the comfort of the king-size seats, complete with adjustable footrest, pillow and blanket.

Each seat had its own video screen for watching your choice of movie, pop video, news, sport or comedy programme; plus the usual headset provision for a wide selection of music.

Our return flight was in Tourist Class, which seemed quite crowded and noisy compared with the isolated splendour of the penthouse suite. – Flights