The Low Carbon Energy Company launches revolutionary portable “free” power source

Portable solar panel takes sustainable power to the people!

SUSTAINABILITY experts, The Low Carbon Energy Company have announced the launch of a portable solar PV unit that will bring power to the parts other energy sources cannot reach!

The portable units known as The Solist were launched at this month’s canal festival in Burnley, Lancashire with staff from The Low Carbon Energy Company demonstrating their effectiveness. The versatility of the Solist unit was especially highlighted when the team from local radio station 2BR hooked up their outside broadcast equipment to the unit and went live to air on “free” solar power.

Ged Ennis, Operations Director of The Low Carbon Energy Company, said: “We expected to show canal boat owners the benefits of free portable solar power and how the Solist provides an excellent and practical solution – so it was something of a surprise to everybody that we ended up also powering a radio broadcast!

The units represent a major breakthrough in terms of sustainable power generation – at under a thousand pounds, they are remarkably affordable and their mobility means that they are ideal for canal boats, caravans – even broadcasters! The Low Carbon Energy Company is the first UK company to supply the units and we are still considering the many other ways they could be put to use,” added Mr Ennis.

From flat, the charger on the Solist unit takes about 4 -6 hours to charge, but if the panel is charging whilst the system is being used then there will be little or no depletion of the battery. There are two Solist units – the 300W and the 1,000W. In the case of the smaller unit, powered up it can run a TV for 10 hours, a laptop for 11 hours and charge mobile phones for 90 hours – and the 1,000W unit can last for twice these durations, meaning people can enjoy the benefits of free electricity, when they need it most!

The launch of the Solist portable Solar PV units is the latest in a string of recent successes for The Low Carbon Energy Company – they were recently appointed as one of the North West’s first independent Green Deal assessors; they also signed deals with Sharp (Hitachi Finance) and The Carbon Trust’s Siemen’s package to offer customers a range of finance options; and, the business recently completed the UK’s first installation of a UGE helical wind turbines at St. Catherine’s Academy  in Bolton.