The Foot-Powered Washing Machine

I know that from the outside it may seem like we at The Green Organisation are complete workaholics, but while getting my January 5-minute fix of Facebook yesterday I came across this sensational invention; please read the release below. Happy new year all – Mark.

Meet the World’s Favourite Foot-Powered Washing Machine

dr3Household product design firm, YiREGO, has taken a green step as it looks to the future of sustainability.

The YiREGO team is disrupting the modern day washing machine with its award-winning invention, the Drumi, currently available for pre-order via Indiegogo. The Drumi is a foot-powered washing machine that requires minimal amounts of water and no electricity. The Drumi holds up to 5lbs (2.3Kg) of clothes per load, which accounts for roughly seven personal items. The Drumi is 20-inches tall, 15-inches wide and weighs approximately 15lbs (7Kg).

The Drumi, which earlier this year won the Canadian James Dyson Award, is easy to maneuver and can be stored in small spaces. It is ideal for those living small apartments in urban areas as well as those who live off the grid where power and water sources are limited.dr2

Each load takes approximately five minutes to complete and requires only five to 10 litres of water. With zero carbon emissions, Drumi uses no electricity, while a standard machine uses 500 watts of power per load. Because the Drumi reduces the use of a standard-size washing machine, the Drumi actually reduces the user’s carbon footprint by approximately 10 pounds (near 5Kg) per week.

DrumiYiREGO was founded in 2013 by industrial designer Yi Jiang. Jiang saw a problem with the laundry process in urban areas. And from his own experience, he found coin and public laundry facilities to be costly and unhygienic. Jiang saw an opportunity to change this. As a result, he began creating YiREGO’s first product, the Drumi. It is a foot-powered washing machine that requires minimal amounts of water and no electricity. Since launching the product in March 2015, YiREGO has received tremendous international attention.


DRUMI                                                                    Conventional Washing Machine
Requires only 5-10L of water per load       Consumes 30-70L of water
No electricity required                                Consumes about 500 watts of power per load
0 Carbon emissions                                   Emits 12 pounds of carbon waste per week
Small space solution                                  Typical full-size washer is approximately 34”h x 27” w

For more information or to pre-order, visit the Indiegogo page, or


About YiREGO

YiREGO is a Toronto-based innovative household design company with a focus on creating sustainable solutions through unconventional designs. Our objective is to create ethical, eco-friendly household products that improve everyday living and create simple solutions for your household tasks. We aim to not only provide convenience through time and energy consumption, but we also look for new ways to help reduce your carbon footprint.