TETRA PAK Wants to move beyond recycling with new campaign

Tetra Pak logoGlobal packaging manufacturer Tetra Pak has said that it is going to focus on how its materials are sourced rather than on recycling.

The company has launched its Moving to the Front campaign in which it will seek to invite its supplier, plus other manufacturers, brand owners and others to move attention from recycling on to “renewability”.

Tetra Pak wants businesses to adopt “renewability” practices and according to it these businesses will:

Realise business growth because long term supply resources will be secured and retailer preference and consumer demand for packaging made with renewable materials will grow
Manage and mitigate risks caused by geopolitical threats to sourcing more effectively, leading to a more reliable supply chain with less business disruption around supply of resources and better ability to manage costs and experience less price volatility
Build brand equity, differentiation and emotional connections with consumer because as consumer knowledge around resource scarcity grows, so too will their demand for packaging with renewable content, as it did around recycling.
Tetra Pak president and chief executive Brian Kennell said: “We don’t want to lose ground on recycling or other commitments where we and others have been successful.

“But a company’s licence to operate is now firmly based in its ability to mitigate and reduce the impacts of products at all life cycle states. Acting at the front is a must in today’s economy.”

Tetra Pak USA has launched a white paper to look at these issues. It is available at http://www.doingwhatsgood.us/moving-to-the-front