Having used a small un-sealable kitchen worktop bin to store my unused/waste food, for over a year, I thought it was time for a change. Along came the opportunity to test out the Smart Cara, an Award Winning UK Food Waste Disposal Unit and the number 1 selling waste disposal unit in Korea.

I looked into the product and what it does, the cost of running it and the speed it turns waste into usable compost and was happily surprised at the results I found. With this information, I agreed to test the product and so glad I did. Having a food waste kitchen bin and a composter outside that takes months to mature, this was an ideal time saver.




The Smart Cara arrived the following day and up it went onto the worktop. With an already full bin waiting for its arrival, a full read of the instructions were in order. After the initial read, it was plug in, fill and press GO. Within 3-4 hours (yes I should have timed the first attempt) my food waste and a couple of chicken bones, had been dried, ground down to a dust and then cooled and ready to be added to my small mound of year old compost. Our dog sniffed it out in minutes too and started to munch away on the resulting fertiliser (she has never been near the compost mound before this)




The Smart Cara is approx 1 cubic foot of machine and does what it says it will do. It is very quiet throughout the cycle and costing about half to one unit of electricity, depending on moisture within, it is worth every penny to produce what would take months naturally. Used every other day could amount to £2 per month.

It takes away the nasty aromas of rotting food too as it has its’ own filters, which will need replacing a few times a year, and food can be stored in the pot for a few days, until ready to compost. It even has a self cleaning cycle which I was not quite successful at that first time round but managed it after that.



This product is ideal for all households, be a small studio flat where there is no room to swing a cat or empty your food waste, to a large household where there will be much more food waste of peels and leftovers. Described by some asState of the art solution to the food waste problem it may very well be in the future and already has won Awards for the design and function.


Deals with food waste at the source – reduces your handling costs. See for yourself here.
Breaks down food waste by drying then grinding the kitchen scraps into approx. 10% of the original size.
Has the ability to grind chicken bones and seafood shells.
Turns waste food into a dry flake, nutrient-rich food for soil, a renewable source of energy or animal feed.


Long storage capabilities without degradation.

Strong environmental credentials.

No venting, draining or additives are required.

Basket has a 1kg capacity

Weighs approx 9kg.

Contact Smart Cara here.

Rating 9.5 out of 10, losing .5 for the instructions not clear enough grammatically for the UK market and the initial cost.

Editorial & pictures by Karl Tullett