Saving the Amazon

The rainforest charity Cool Earth and the green certification programme, Planet Positive have partnered up to give businesses a powerful way of tackling climate change and saving energy.

Protecting endangered Amazon rainforest is now one of the options in Planet Positive’s green certification process. Businesses and organisations are led through the process of having their carbon footprint measured and reduced – cutting costs and saving energy. But green certification also includes a carbon responsibility to the wider community with Planet Positive supporting projects locally and globally with social, economic and environmental benefits.

As deforestation accounts for 20% of all man-made CO2 emissions Planet Positive believes protecting rainforest with Cool Earth is a perfect fit. It offers individuals a simple, direct and effective way to tackle climate change while conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and supporting rainforest communities.

As Mathew Owen, Director of Cool Earth explains, “Planet Positive wrote the script on carbon responsibility. By helping their clients go way beyond a straightforward offset, they share Cool Earth’s commitment to tackling climate change head-on. Working together, we will be able to put avoided deforestation and rainforest communities at the heart of many more businesses.”

Cool Earth, Europe’s fastest growing rainforest charity has become Planet Positive certified to demonstrate its commitment to measuring and reducing its own carbon emissions.

Steve Malkin,

CEO of Planet Positive said: “This partnership indicates a significant step forward for Planet Positive. Cool Earth represents the best way of providing immediate protection for ancient rainforest that is in imminent danger of deforestation. Understanding how our world is changing is one thing. Knowing how to make a difference is another – this is why I am convinced this Cool Earth partnership will be a great success”.

It’s hoped the Cool Earth and Planet Positive partnership which will provide a funding mechanism which will endeavour to inspire individuals, businesses and governments worldwide to take action and make a difference.