RSPB’s World Record


members and supporters ring in massive success to break mobile recycling World Record

Donations of old phones raise over £5,000 to help fund the RSPB’s conservation work


Tuesday 14 June 2011 – Members and supporters of the RSPB have risen to the challenge and smashed a Guinness World Record by donating their old mobile phones to raise money for the charity. The number of phones collected totalled 6,130 beating the previous record of 3,883.


The challenge, which took place from Monday 7 February to Sunday 13 February 2011, saw old phones being donated in their thousands across the UK. This has raised over an incredible £5,000 for the charity to help support its conservation work.

Doug Christie, Licensing Manager at the RSPB, said “This was a tough challenge for our members and supporters, and we are delighted with their magnificent response.  Not only have we managed to set a new World Record, but we have raised over £5,000 to help fund the RSPB’s conservation work.  This is a wonderful effort by all who took part and we are extremely grateful.”

The RSPB teamed up with mobile phone recycling specialist Redeem, the company which administers the RSPB’s Recycling Appeal, to undertake the challenge and ensure that all donated mobiles were handled responsibly and within the rules. The RSPB has been working with Redeem for over six years and this is the first time that they have attempted to break the World Record for the most used phones donated in one week.

Lisa Carr, Marketing Executive at Redeem, said, “The RSPB’s members and supporters have been amazing with their donations of old mobiles, and we have managed to smash the previous record by 2,247 phones! The RSPB supporters can always be relied upon to take part in any collections, but they have really risen to this challenge brilliantly!  This will help support the work that the RSPB does right across the UK, as well as stopping potential harmful waste going to landfill.”

While the World Record Challenge is now over, the RSPB Recycling Appeal continues and donations of mobile phones, inkjet cartridges, digital cameras, sat navs, iPods and game consoles are accepted. If you have missed the chance to take part this time, you can log on to or phone 08451 30 20 10 to find out how to make donations.

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