Ostlers Cider Vinegar – Mother knows best!



Ostlers Cloudy Cider Vinegar
(with The Mother).


In today’s sanitised world, you do not usually find ‘mothers’ forming in your bottles of chip vinegar.

And that’s a shame, because though the naturally-forming cobweb-like strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria may not look particularly appetising – they can make a big difference to you and your health.

ostler awardsThey are certainly a big selling point in Ostlers multi-award-winning cloudy cider vinegar, with many regulars claiming that the drink has a very beneficial effect.

The aroma is very appley, with a slight vinegary afterburn and the pleasant taste mirrors that same effect.

Ostlers recommend taking two tablespoons of the vinegar before meals, mixed with water, honey or cordial to taste.

The medicinal benefits are surely key, but it also leaves a refreshing clean taste on the palate.



Without wanting to make it sound like a snake-oil cure-all, many swear by it for having a beneficial effect on energy levels, diabetes, heart problems, weight loss, sinus and throat infection and digestion.

Some apply it externally to remove warts and skin irritation, and others use it like ordinary vinegar around the home for cleaning, weed-killing, washing food and hair – and sweetening smelly feet!

Most, though, just take it because they like it.

Words – Roger Wolens