Reading ‘Green Poems for a Blue Planet’, I was left feeling quite cheerful.

Written in a very thought provoking and humorous way, Martin Kiszko aims this book at both adults and children.

He thinks he may have stumbled into a new school of poetry , which he calls ‘bioverse’ and describes as mind-boggling his way in interpreting green issues through the medium of poetry.

Along with illustrations by Nick Park, Wallace and Gromit’s creator, each of the 56 poems leaves you with a laugh, a smile or a “what can I do for the planet?” thought.

A very creatively and well thought out book for all ages, I challenge anyone to read it and not be impressed with at least one of the poems, a 9/10 in my book!

(Published by Redcliffe at Amazon from £8.99P)

Having met and seen Martin Kiszko perform, I would highly recommend going to see him or booking him for your corporate or Green event.

Contact Martin via The Green Organisation

Written by Karl Tullett