Nestlé’s premium coffee brand Nespresso has announced plans to increase the recycling capacity for its aluminium capsules to 100 per cent globally.

Currently, the capacity exists where 75 per cent of its customers worldwide can order a recycling bag to return the aluminium capsules when they order coffee online as a Nespresso Club Member or buy it in Nespresso stores.

The recycling bag is then collected either at the consumer’s premises or can be deposited in store.

But the company having met a commitment to achieve this 75 per cent capacity by 2013, now wants to increase it to 100 per cent as part of its 2020 Sustainability Ambition programme.

As part of this, it wants to increase the recycling rates of the capsules wherever it does business and where possible to recycle this back into new capsules each time it makes sense environmentally. This would mean capsules in UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria and Italy can be recycled into new capsules.

The company also plans to source 100 per cent of its virgin aluminium capsule material in compliance with the new Aluminium Stewardship Initiative standard.

These new targets are part of its ‘Positive Cup’ commitments.

Nestlé Nespresso chief executive Jean-Marc Duvoisin said: “Our business model enables us to be involved in every stage of coffee sourcing, production and sale. It allows us to maintain particularly close relationships and have a direct dialogue with our consumers and Club Members.

“As a result, we have a unique opportunity to strongly engage with our Club Members to achieve our Positive Cup commitments, in particular as it relates to capsule recycling. Nespresso cannot achieve its objectives alone. We call on our Club Members  to actively take part in furthering our recycling efforts.”

The company also announced commitments on sustainable sourcing of coffee including measures to improve farmer welfare.