Natural Swimming Pools

A new series of books aims to show how simple it is to have the aesthetics of a pond with the practical features of a swimming pool. You could call it a swimbiotic combination.

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A Practical, Friendly Guide to the System

Natural swimming pools rely on the correct
balance of plants and micro-organisms to clean
and purify the water. They are a safe place for
children to play and birds to drink, and are a
dramatic example of ecological design,
combining the natural and man-made worlds,
while creating beauty. These pools offer
enjoyment not only in the warm months, but
durng winter too, when they can be used for ice
skating and other activities.
Often the focal point of a garden, natural
swimming pools blend into their environment,
flowing into the surroundings with plants and
rocks. They reflect the changing seasons and
enhance the environment naturally. They are
easy and less costly to maintain than chemical
pools, providing significant savings in water.
Chlorine and other common pool chemicals are
hazardous to human health and are not used.
This book is a necessary resource for anyone
interested in having a natural swimming pool
and shows how a natural swimming pool
system works, as well as the environmental,
health and safety benefits it offers. Drawings, diagrams and charts cover planning, design,
biology, materials, construction, planting and maintenance.
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A Practical, Friendly Guide to the System
by Michael Littlewood


Natural Swimming Pools – Converting the Conventional Pool

The huge interest in Natural Swimming Pools, which
I introduced to this country in 2000, has now
convinced many owners of existing conventional
swimming pools to aspire to a natural one.
However, many are unaware that their pools can
easily be converted. This small book, which is a
Supplement to Natural Swimming Pools – A Guide
for Building, sets out to show the many benefits,
the design and planning of the pool, the basic
construction process, along with many inspiring
illustrations of completed projects.
Armed with this information and copies of my two
existing natural swimming pool books, owners will be able to proceed with confidence, either to do the work themselves, or by using a landscape designer and contractor, or in some cases utilising both.







A Guide for Building

If you wish to swim in clear, soft water and have a
beautiful garden feature all year round, you will need
this book to create your own paradise. For anyone who
has had some experience of building work and is keen
to build their own natural swimming pool with or
without some specialist assistance, then this book will
provide you with everything you need to know.
It contains over 80 illustrations and coloured
photographs and takes you through the whole process
in an easy to understand way. It also contains over 50
useful detailed scaled construction drawings.
Michael Littlewood’s methods and designs come from
his considerable experience as a natural landscape
architect and garden designer. He has designed and
built water features and swimming pools in many countries throughout the world.
This book is a logical follow on from his previous book Natural Swimming Pools – Inspiration for Harmony with Nature, with new details on everything from building instructions, assessing and maintaining water quality to considering types of plants and handling maintenance.
Your natural swimming pool will be an attractive addition to your home and simple maintenance will keep you enjoying this wonderful asset for many years to come.
The presentation of this book is enhanced by the excellent graphic layout and coloured photographs.