My Saal-Digital Photo-book

“Within minutes of the Tundra Buggy Launch there was the first shout of “Bears at 9 o’clock” from right next to me. There they were, a mother bear and her two cubs, all cuddled up and hunkered down behind some bushes that were shading them from the strong blustery winds.”

The above first lines from my travel piece and holiday pictures I took, made me get off my chair (bum) and take time out to download the saal-digital photobook, this took no time at all.

   Once downloaded and after some time in the tutorial, I finally managed to get to the first stages and choose the photobook I wanted. I am not that computer savvy so for most people, this will be a doddle.

After some deliberation, I chose the book for me and it was time to upload my pictures, this was going to be a lengthy process as I had chosen the 15 X 21 spread book, glossy paper and 38 pages and I have over 2000 pictures to choose from.

  The process of placing the pictures was quite easy but the only issue I had was when I wanted to place one over another,

   a white line appeared and I did not have any idea how to change this and you can see from the pictures how this appears in the book. For me, this is not an issue and I should have taken a bit more time and tutorial to find out how to change this, but I was impatient and wanted the book in my hands. I then chose the text for the front cover.

                     I ordered the book, once finished and it arrived less than a week later, very impressive delivery time and I was more than pleased with the final result, a good quality hard back photo album, with crisp glossy images that could not be reproduced better anywhere.

Overall experience was excellent and will recommend to all out there who want their own personalised photo album. To get your £15 welcome voucher. Just go to the link

Words & pictures by Karl Tullett