We are a brand new environmentally friendly, ethical jewellery company based in Cornwall. We have a very unique and exciting product that is exclusive to us- The UK’s first Hybrid Diamond.

The IQ Diamond® is man made yet contains pure nature identical diamond and has the added benefit in that it is not associated with any negative humanitarian or ecological issues. It’s hard to afford and justify the high price of mined diamonds and awareness is growing amongst consumers concerning the negative history, conflict and ecological issues associated with them. The IQ Diamond® would test positive for diamond, without the tracer added during the manufacturing to prevent this – for ethical reasons. It is optically identical to the finest diamonds available but at a fraction of the cost. Expert Gemmologists have been genuinely astonished at how the IQ Diamond® “draws the fire” in just the same way a superlative mined diamond does. Even with their expert eyes, there is no way to tell the difference between the two.

Our mission is to help change the understanding most of us have about diamonds by offering plenty of truthful facts and an honestly, ethically priced real alternative to earth mined diamonds, that is honestly priced and is Kind, not Mined®.