The latest KINDRED NOMAD Project.

It is thanks to Natsu No Color , Japanese professional violin player/vocalist and her very generous friends in Japan, plus the organising talents ofGeralyn Oporto with valuable assistance of her son Brett Sean Oporto, and to Mam Ellen Corilla Maningo who organized the kids food and the venue, that we were to able to give the 44 ‘special kids’ at San Francisco, Camotes Island such a great days entertainment.


The day started at 2am with two taxis going from Cebu City to Danao to catch the 5am ferry to Camotes Island. The taxis were laden with goodies for the kids. For example there was a back pack for each, containing many school supplies, books, pencils, chocolates, T-shirts, etc etc. In addition we had many educational toys, books, DVD’s etc kindly donated by Angelita Pe Sungahid and Natsus group in Japan, ‘No Color’. In addition to the individual back-packs we were also able to donate supplies of Bond paper, art paper, cartulinas, chalks, erasers, masking tapes, scissors and crayons to be distributed as and when needed when the students are back at school.

We arrived in Camotes and were met by Helen (Mother of Alen Nodalo the 8 year old boy we have helped through his ordeal with eye surgery over the past two years) and a jeepney was waiting to load up the goods and ourselves to go direct the local sports center where the presentations were to be made.

We were surprised at the first presentation as the students themselves had prepared entertainment for us! There was dancing and singing – and remember these kids all have disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy, both visual and hearing impairments, autism and other multiple disabilities. It was so heart warming to see the efforts of the students. This was followed by quizzes and question and answers games for the kids.


Then Natsu presented her own star studded versions of “Fireworks’ (you may have thought you were listening to Katy Perry!), Royal, the Beyonce song, plus a few violin solos including ‘My Heart will go on’, and several others. There were many calls for ‘more’!

We then called out the names of each student and when they were able we gave each one their gifts.


A typical Filipino lunch and plenty of drinks was served, plus ice-creams for all the kids, teachers, parents and volunteers.


We departed leaving many happy, smiling faces with our promise to return later in the year for another party.

Jon Tull

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