Honda Civic 1.6D EX

Honda Civic 1.6D EX – 78.5mpg, 94g/Km, 120Ps – Short Test

The Civic has been around longer than many of us, but has always been smartly dressed and reliable.

The car is often perceived as what you would buy if you lack imagination; but say that to an owner of the current model and they would likely imagine many ways to prove you wrong.

Honda Civic 1.6D EX

Inside you will find an odd but mostly appealing mix of delightfully styled electronics and instruments, well sculpted and very comfortable seats and markedly less appealing dash plastics. Ergonomically it is a pleasure, but a bit confusing on the eye.

The overall shape and style of the car, revolutionary last decade, is about ready for a restyle. It is still striking but looks a little wide in the middle; kind of middle-aged.

Honda are first and foremost however an engineering company, and the engine they have made for his car is a bit of a gem.

Combining 124 Hp with near 80 mpg  is a remarkable achievement. It is a car that likes to party but will never embarrass itself by drinking too much.

Driving the Civic has always been a pleasing pastime, and this clever eco model is no exception. Handling when you want some fun is neutral, even somewhat flattering. The car feels light and nimble. Using the quite generous torque out of tight corners still doesn’t upset the chassis or get the front end pushing wide. Brakes are strong and give good feedback. The only slight gripe would be that feedback through the wheel is a bit muted.

Honda Civic 1.6D EX

So buyers maybe do have an imagination after all. They imagine a future where their car is entertaining; reliable; economical; and still holding its value. I think they are right too.

words and pics – Mark Wolens