Green Product Reviews

Green Product Reviews


When it comes to organic male grooming products, the Green People came up trumps with their Organic Homme products.  I used the Itch Away Calming Shampoo (10) and Cool Down Moisturiser (3) on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, in beautiful 35 degree heat and I used these 2 products on a daily basis.

This shampoo is  ideal for me as I suffer from a sensitive scalp. With its gentle aromas of Tea Tree, Cypress and Rosemary and a rich lather that left my long hair feeling clean and easy to manage, before the use of a conditioner, this shampoo left my scalp refreshed and itch free after only a few washes, a first for the many shampoos I have tried and one I would highly recommend.


Moisturiser is not a product I have used often but I would definitely recommend any man to use this product, whether it be for general use, after shaving or as an after-sun. With a gentle hint of mint upon application, this is quickly absorbed into the skin and is not greasy at all. It leaves an instant cooling sensation, something I needed at the time of use, and left me refreshed for hours after use. I used the moisturiser on my whole body and found it to be better than any after shave balm or after sun cream I had ever used before.


Organic Homme Cool Down moisturiser and Itch Away Calming Shampoo come in a 125ml matt black tube and are very good value for money from £8 each.

All Organic Homme products are free from ethyl alcohol, artificial perfumes, parabens, petrochemicals, colourants, lanolin, and other unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

Written by Karl Tullett of The Green Organisation.