Giving up Smoking-A Green Way

Giving Up Smoking – The Greenest way I know!

Having smoked for nearly 40 years, and I am only 47 now, I thought it was going to be impossible.

I had tried on many occasions to stop and once actually gave up for 18 months, only to start the dreaded habit once more. That was 13 years ago.

It came to a head once my usual brand hit the £6 mark and I changed to a cheaper cigarette, under £5 – but that did not last long. Soon enough, they were £5.59 – a huge jump in one night from £4.95 –  and I looked back over the last couple of years and considered how many quality holidays I had not been able to afford, the smell of my clothes and how many times I should have painted my ceiling!!! To name just  a few.

Along with my partner, we tried nicotine replacement treatments, shelling out pounds on gums, patches, tablets, etc, – only to be buying cigarettes as well. It seemed like I was destined to be a smoker for life (I am going to live until I am 97, according to a medium)

Then thanks to my partner, came along Allen Carr: NO, not the comedian, a self- taught giver- up of the dreaded weed, tobacco.

We looked him up online (the green side of this story) and read about his online book called “ Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking”,  and saw that we could purchase this book on Kindle.

Richard Branson has endorsed this product for his friends and staff, so it couldn’t be that bad, I thought, and what did I have to lose? The cost of 20 cigarettes!  A lot less than what I spent on nicotine patches etc.

After my partner read the book (and smoked throughout reading it) she became a non-smoker. I thought, if this can work on her, then it will be a breeze for me.

It was. Now I am a non smoker and did it my way, a green way and the “Easyway”.  I have also worked out that if I do live to 97, at today’s prices, my next cigarette will cost me £102,202. HOW MUCH? How many five star holidays is that? How many new pairs of socks is that? You work it out!

I will not go into details of how or why this book works but believe me – it does. It has changed my whole mindset about smoking

If you want to give up, you have nothing to lose by looking online at

Written By Karl Tullett