Energy saving plug-in


I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the CO2 emissions that I would save by using the Lime, a remote controlled energy saving switch – and the amount of money I am going to save on my electricity bill.

This is only one of many Limes I shall be purchasing for items such as the TV, stereo, DVD player, games consoles, microwave, toaster and many other electrical items.

Some would say there is not much point in using a Lime if your appliance uses less than one Watt (1W) on standby or you already switch off at the wall (which I am sure our readers are already doing!) – but every little bit helps.

For every unnecessary Watt of consumption used on standby for a year, you will pay £1+ on your bill. If I was to leave all of my appliances on, I would probably rack up £20+ per year (and about 100kg+ of CO2). Not good for the pocket, nor for the environment.

The instructions are simple enough.

Plug your items into the LIME, plug into wall socket, position the Infra Red eye, switch mains on, point your remote control at the eye and hold down any button on the remote you want to use for this operation. When the light on the LIME goes out, your saver plug is operational. Easy. The Lime is  particularly useful in situations where the wall switch is not easily accessible.

Should the indicator light slowly flash at any point, you will need to hold down your remote button to synchronise again.

There is a 60 second delay before turning everything off, that probably helps to avoid damag and allows a graceful shutdown for any appliance whose ‘off’ command you use!

Written by Karl Tullett