The project objective was to re-develop the disused and vandalized/fire damaged Owl and Pussycat Public House, (inappropriately located next to the local primary school), for new much-needed family social housing for rent in the established residential area of Tanhouse, Skelmersdale. The Developer, Baker Properties Limited, fully supported by the local residents and Councillor, had obtained Planning Approval for 9 terraced houses in 2 blocks and offered Cosmopolitan Housing Association a completed turn-key development to their bespoke requirements .


A quality award winning ‘Code 4 ‘scheme , which has been instrumental in transforming a negative situation into something regarded as ‘aspirational’ by community members has been achieved, despite continuing financial challenges. Its wealth of environmental features will ‘future-proof’ it for Client and residents, most notably the impressive pv panels which span the south-facing front roof elevation, and which will considerably reduce residents’ electricity bills, whilst also creating potential in ‘feed-back’ revenue for the Client and associated parties. An exciting ‘first’ for Denovo has been the installation of terracotta bat boxes & swift bricks, which have now been specified on other schemes.




One of the biggest achievements, however, has been the high level of community engagement. Before inception, Denovo visited the adjacent Primary School to host an eco-house /wildlife garden design competition, providing the opportunity for students to embrace the environmental and social aspects of the design, whilst also having some of their ideas incorporated into it. The true benefit of being able to follow the construction process from inception to completion can be measured by the level of their reaction and appreciation of the scheme, which has been heartwarming, even down to their appreciation of the disabled parking spaces!

“The houses are seen as aspirational within the community”.

Chris Upton – Deputy Head Teacher, Hillside School


The many environmental products and technologies incorporated into the build will reduce energy usage thus minimising resident utility bills. The scheme at Egerton incorporates generous solar PV panels on the roof. These were installed at no cost to the developer by a unique joint venture company formed between the Renewables Provider and the Housing Association, both of whom financially benefit from the feed-in tariff.