Eco LED’s Light The Way



LED Eco Lights has clinched a deal to supply LED lighting in all new and existing Pets Corner stores throughout the UK. The various different types of LED lights specified for the stores are all included in the company’s recently-launched GoodlightTM range.

Pets Corner is a chain of premium quality pet stores occupying key niche locations nationwide. Currently, it operates 63 stores based in garden centres, supermarkets and owned sites. The company plans to achieve 200 stores and has scheduled openings of up to 15 stores each year. All new stores will be fitted with GoodlightTM LED lamps supplied by LED Eco Lights as part of the company’s wider green objectives which include buying all electricity from renewable sources and recycling 75% of its waste. In addition, lighting in all existing stores will be upgraded to LED as part of an ongoing refurbishment programme.

The three most recently-opened stores featuring GoodlightTM lighting systems designed by LED Eco Lights are located at Keston in Kent, Haywards Heath in West Sussex and Weybridge in Surrey.

Retrofit LED lights offer a long lifespan, very low power consumption and can provide dramatic cost savings. Surrey-based LED Eco Lights is so confident of the difference its LED lamps will make that it quotes a pay-back time of as little as 12 months. Widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading LED lighting services specialists, the company also offers free lighting audits to identify where companies can save money.

With the launch of the new CRC Energy Efficiency scheme (formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment) last year, many businesses are looking for more efficient and cost-effective light sources. Public and private sectors alike are being incentivised to reduce energy consumption – not only to cut carbon emissions, but also to lower costs. Lighting typically accounts for up to 25% of a building’s energy consumption so the opportunity to reduce this by up to 85% in carbon and costs is very compelling. As an example, the GoodlightTM tube light range typically consumes around 70% less energy than a normal fluorescent tube. There’s no reduction in lux levels either – they’re actually increased in some cases. Significantly, as they’ll last up to 50,000 hours, their lifespan is around five to ten times that of the fluorescent option.

Retrofit lighting from LED Eco Lights couldn’t be easier. Whatever the lighting being replaced, the company’s LED lamps can simply be installed into existing fittings – as simple as replacing a bulb. The lamps have no starter or control gear, making them virtually maintenance-free. Performance is surprisingly high too: the GoodlightTM range switches on instantly, thereby making it an ideal partner to presence detection sensors, and provides excellent colour-rendering. Consistency and reliability are assured, with all GoodlightTM products covered by a comprehensive five years premium guarantee.

“As a company, we are committed to an environmental policy based on sustainability, waste recycling and carbon reduction,” says Dean Richmond, Pet Corner’s CEO. “Our decision to install 100% GoodlightTM LED lighting throughout our chain of stores is a major part of that policy. We are already beginning to see major cost and maintenance savings so it’s not only a sensible environmental decision but also a shrewd financial move.”

LED Eco Lights’ extensive range is already fitted in many car parks, hospitals, retail outlets, leisure centres, universities and offices. Significant funding is available for many applications and carbon and cost-saving reports can be carried out before installation to demonstrate the level of savings that can be achieved. The GoodlightTM retrofit LED range is featured in a newly-published 32-page full colour catalogue, a copy of which may be requested via the company’s website: