Convenient Facts: 5 Indisputable Green Solutions

Michael Moore, the controversial documentary producer recently caused outrage and confusion by releasing a supposed expose’ on the conspiracy of green energy. A quick Google search will reveal his new thoughts on everything from electric cars to portable solar panelsThe controversy lies in the dubious nature of some of these claims.

While some measures for going green are flawed or inefficient, many offer solutions that are, without a doubt less damaging to the environment. We have put together this brief list of green solutions you can implement in your daily life that does make a difference.

Recycling Is The Better Of Two Evils

Look, one could argue about the emissions caused by recycling plants, but the long term benefits of reusability are pretty obvious. Un-recycled trash builds up. It doesn’t disappear, it’s out there, and with the decay rate of various plastics, it isn’t going to disappear for a very long time.

Recycling also means less non-renewable practices. Paper is a fantastic example of this. Yes, recycling paper does involve chemicals. The process, however, reduces the amount of deforestation, and when weighing the cost and sustainability, it is the better long term solution.

Sustainability Does Ensures A Better Tomorrow

There is a preferable solution, of course. Sustainability. Either over, or when possible, in conjunction with recycling. We know this isn’t universally possible, but there are facets in which it is the ideal recourse.

Sustainable production refers to a manufacturer, ensuring that their production process uses renewable resources. It is practised in a diverse range of industries, from lumber mills to fisheries. It is essential to be vigilant and research the validity of any claim of sustainability, as some companies do get away with a very sparse implementation of this practice.


It is easier to buy plastic bags than what it is to remember to take a reusable cotton shopping bag every time you go to the store. In truth, this is an example of the most effective measure you can choose to mitigate your eco-footprint. Rather than throwing away glass containers, try to find ways in which you can reuse them. There are fantastic craft projects for which you can use various plastic miscellany.

Green Power

This is the real sore spot for many eco-conscious groups right now, the rhetoric regarding the futility of clean energy. Fortunately, it is precisely that, rhetoric, bolstered by the unpredictable political climate in the US. There are many effective ways that you can implement green energy solutions in your daily life.

Solar panel technology is developing at a phenomenal rate, providing exponential growth inefficiency. Elon Musk, for one, has dedicated a lot of resources to the research and development of improved solar panel technology.

Hydrogen Power

In recent months the spike in market valuation has spoken to a revived enthusiasm regarding the technology. By splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, the technology generates power with the sole byproduct of water vapour. The byproduct is essentially that of a humidifier. Although you can’t yet easily purchase and use a hydrogen-powered car, you can support the technology via investment, or only by raising awareness.