Cleaner and Greener Hotels

Cleaner Products were the first UK chemical provider to offer a ZERO waste system. Since the launch of the system in March 2013 many hotels, restaurants, catering and food processing companies have adopted the unique system that has proved to reduce usage and costs, as well as being a friendlier solution for the users. It has also been a key component in Green Apple Award success.

In line with our environmental accreditation ISO14001 Cleaner Products continue to raise the bar in helping clients become more sustainable, our No Frills – No Jargon approach to business has become a trade mark of our company and many clients have commended us on the unique service we provide.

Being more sustainable in your business not only makes environmental sense; it is also a sure way of reducing your operational costs. “Cleaner Products understands how to reduce chemical usage and are happy share that knowledge.

So what systems have you got to choose from?

There are three main systems available in the marketplace today.

  1. One shot system – this is where the user dispenses a concentrated product into a trigger spray or flip top container, they then use the hotels water to top up the product. This system is open to abuse as the user can override the timing device to dispense more concentrate, the dispensers are inadequate and easily broken and when this happen the users have no alternative than to cut the top of the pouch to obtain the concentrate, this system can end up costing a fortune. Also the system is reliant on using the water from the hotel which is not always suitable for this purpose. The quality of a cleaning product is largely determined by the water quality that is used to make the product, if the water is not de-ironized and softened then the product will be sub-standard.
  2. Venturi dosing – this system was perhaps the favorite way of dispensing product for many years but has many disadvantages, a verturi system use a propeller that is driven by water pressure to cause a vacuum that blends a concentrated chemical with water into a trigger of flip-top. The required water pressure to operate this system accurately is a minimum of 3. The system is not adequate as the water pressure in hotels varies tremendously due to the water being used to run OPL’s and kitchen operations let alone the guests running baths or showers and toilets constantly flushing. The end result is varying degrees of concentration and cost, and again the water being used is usually not of the quality required to make a good quality-cleaning product.
  3. Boxed Products – This is where the product is supplied in 750ml or 1Ltr containers that are ‘ready to use’ and this is by far the worst offending culprit of any of the systems of supply. The waste element of this system is colossal, very unethical and the cost of the product is very expensive. Yes, it is handy just to pick up a new container but once that product has been used the container then requires a recycling process, along with the cardboard box it was packed in. It is a fact that over 80% of the cost of a single trigger bottle is in the container, the trigger head and the label.

So there you have it, the three systems of supply that are available today, until now!

Cleaner Products have introduced a new concept in cleaning product supply, it is called the ‘Zero Waste’ system and it really is a unique concept in the hospitality sector today. There is absolutely no waste, the product quality is excellent and what’s more it is more cost effective than any other form of supply.

So how does it work?

We supply quality finished product in 12.5 Liter containers that are fitted with dispensing taps, the maids simply refill their triggers or flip tops with the ‘ready to use’ product and go to work. We call on the hotels on a weekly basis and pick up the empties and supply new product, the containers are taken back to a local depot, cleaned and sanitized and refilled ready to deliver again, it’s a bit like the old milkman system whereby the containers are in a pool system and the bottles were reused.

There are four main features that give benefits to hotels

  1. The product quality is consistent – good quality products get the job done quicker and more effectively.
  2. There is no mixing on premise–This limits the Health & Safety aspects related to the COSHH regulations.
  3. It is far more economical – It reduces your department’s spend on chemical.
  4. Zero Waste.

Has this product supply concept been tried and tested?

Very much so, we launched this concept into the hotel market under our previous brand in January 2005 and continued to supply in this way until February 2011. During this time we supplied 160 hotels in the UK with 30 tons of product per month, our clients included 15 Holiday Inns, 5 Park Plaza hotels, Crown Plaza, Mercure Hotels, Days Inn, Thistle Hotels, The Hoxton and many more superb hotels. During this six year period we built up a running pool stock of over 4000 containers, supplying 2000 maids with quality ready to use product on a weekly basis.

So where do you go from here?

Possibly the best way for you to see if what we are saying is the truth is to try it. We will offer the chance to “try it for free”, we will supply you with a container of each of our housekeeping product range, we will run through the COSHH and best practice of our products in use and in this way you can sample the quality of our products without any financial risk. You will be able to see the superb quality of our products and witness this unique concept.

Call us for a free trial for your hotel or restaurant on 01689 861984 or visit