Clean your teeth-the environmental way

Having recently had operations on both my wrists, my electric toothbrush was proving to be a sore point! Not being able to grip it fully as quite a large handle and the vibrations caused too much pain, I was forced into looking at the old fashioned way of a manual toothbrush.

This is when I came across, by luck more than anything, the eco-friendly Bamboo Toothbrush, from The Pearly White Club.

With a choice of colours, yellow, green, blue or red (I had the yellow one) the handle is made from FSC regulated MOSO bamboo, taking just a few years to decompose compared to plastic ones that take many years, and the bristles are made from Nylon 6, a product that decomposes much faster than all other nylons, is BPA free, 100% vegan friendly and is the most effective bristle for your teeth. The handle is also Panda friendly as they do not eat this type of bamboo and like most bamboo, grows at an incredible rate of 1 meter per day, making it very environmentally friendly. FAQ’s

Now to try the product! Having not used a manual brush in over 3 years I found the grip to be extremely comfortable even with my plaster-cast on, full marks for that. Then the clean which was not as how I remembered. The head was probably smaller than most manual heads but it felt larger but definitely not uncomfortable. I found the bristles to be slightly weaker than expected but I believe you can purchase a stronger bristle and there are also children’s brushes available. Here’s how.


Overall, the time spent brushing gave me the same quality clean as my electric brush with a little more hard work.

I like the feel and the clean with both and the Bamboo getting 10 out of 10 as an environmental product.

You can buy the product as a one off purchase from here or a subscription service where the brushes are posted every 6 weeks, at a discounted price and you can also buy as a gift package for a friend or loved one, so quite a good choice.


Words by Karl Tullett