BMW ActiveE – Short Test

BMW ActiveE – 1-Series Pure Electric Coupe – Short Test

This 1-Series conversion is upholding all the traditional BMW values of driving pleasure while leaving in its wake not CO2 but COnfusion as you cruise silently by under pure electric power.

In typical BMW style this is a rear wheel drive machine, and is not opposed to hurling itself around twisty roads with great aplomb and accomplishment.

BMW Active E

The handling inspires much more confidence than I would expect from most other electric vehicles, which does not mean they are bad, far from it. It is just that in pure driving terms this is better. As you would expect it is a quiet and refined drive too, but there is a seat on your shoulder should the road devil want to visit.

This is also something of a testbed for their upcoming production model i3, and if this is anything to go by, that will be even better. Even so, this car feels ready for the showrooms to me.

BMW Active E

EV’s are slowly on the increase, but the likes of Zoe, Leaf, I-Miev and Ion are essentially very similar vehicles. BMW are offering something a little different and yet equally tempting. After their fabulous hybrid AH3 I am keen to see what they come up with.

words and pics – Mark Wolens