Aquacity – The Worlds Greenest Resort


What makes AquaCity so unique is that it uses freely available natural energy to heat and power its hotels, waterpark, spa, restaurant, bars, fitness and conference centres, saving money by using green energy, at the same time as conserving the environment. Guests can minimise their carbon footprint, while still enjoying the highest standards of service at great value prices. Truly affordable, green luxury.

AquaCity was built to demonstrate that it’s possible to create a fun and relaxing `green’ leisure destination, offering high quality, luxurious surroundings at affordable prices, while minimising guests’ impact on the environment.

The Story

AquaCity was created after British environmentalist and businessman, Mr. Jan Telensky literally stumbled across a pipe gushing hot water, while out walking near Slovakia’s High Tatras mountains.
He discovered that beneath the rolling plains adjacent to the town of Poprad in north east Slovakia were vast, subterranean lakes. Huge sources of natural, mineral rich, geothermal water that had taken fifteen thousand years to filter through the mountains. An invaluable energy source.

Freely available, natural energy

With such a vast resource of freely available energy right on the doorstep, Jan Telensky set out to build the world’s greenest resort, harnessing the geothermal energy to heat the resort and supplementing it with solar power, drawn from the sun’s rays by vast glass facades of photo-cells, built into the exterior of the Blue Sapphire Pool Centre.

The worlds leading green resort

Within less than five years, AquaCity has become known throughout the world for its pioneering approach to green tourism. Since it opened, it has welcomed over 2 million customers and now saves upwards of 27 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere each day.

AquaCity is pioneering the way forward in green tourism, by providing guests with the unique combination of affordable, green luxury.

Future Plans

AquaCity works to ensure that their visitors continually enjoy the best standards of service, surroundings and facilities. That’s why they’re constantly investing in their hotels and leisure facilities and the green technology that drives them.

• In 2004 they built the new outdoor geothermal pools
• In 2005 they created the kids’ Mayan Pyramid outdoor pool areas
• In 2006 they opened their world class CryoTherapy Centre, the 4* Mountain View Hotel, their Conference Centre and the Blue Diamond Pool II
• In 2007 they created the world’s first solar powered pool complex, the Blue Sapphire Pool Centre
2008 and BEYOND

They have already laid down the plans for a vast new tropical beach paradise, with wave pools, palm trees and exotic surroundings. Buildings that roll back the sides to be open to the elements in summer, or maximise the warmth of the geothermal water in winter, to create a beach in the heart of Europe, right by the High Tatras mountains.
AquaCity is never dull, always exciting, always changing, always something new for kids and adults and for those visiting for business.