We, Youth Build Future, are a registered non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to initiating and fostering sustainable development in Tanzania among children, youth, women and communities.
Where we are:  
In Mbeya City in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.  

What we do:

Our activities are designed to champion the disabled and disadvantaged. We work to enable communities, especially children and young people, inspiring them to overcome their challenges through the power of sport and to enjoy recreational activities despite an intrinsic lack of resources and support.

We encourage sports by:
• Developing overlooked sporting talents
• Organising sporting teams – especially football and netball
• Providing coaching and team management
• Enabling participation in sporting activities to increase self-esteem and develop self-confidence.
We promote education for excellence by:
• Providing a preschool for disadvantaged children
• Participating in establishing schools from nursery to university.
We are working to:
Enhance vocational training and the application of information technology in different fields by
• Providing information technology to youth and women.
• Providing tools and equipment to help participate in a technological environment.
• Establish care centres for orphans, vulnerable children and the elderly.
Promote sustainable health programmes by
• Opening of dispensaries and health centres.
• Helping vulnerable and orphan children and people living with HIV/AIDS.
Promote sustainable agriculture programmes by
• Promoting irrigation schemes and efficient water use.
• Encouraging use of low cost technologies.
• Promoting water harvesting, promote farming and animal husbandry
• Providing training and create awareness on safe utilisation and storage of agro-chemicals
• Strengthening capacity for timely control of crop pests and disease outbreak.
• Encouraging efficient utilisation of ranch lands
• Improvement of infrastructure.
• Establishing a small credits programme and making small loans available to poor rural communities, especially women and youth.
Improve water and sanitation by
• Providing reliable water supplies for both human use and agriculture.
• Providing water-harvesting technologies.
• Improving sanitation.
Promote an environment programme about
• Conservation of water sources
• Protection of natural forests
• Tree planting
• Conservation of historical sites.
Promote youth in the establishment and running of mining and associated activities by
• helping youth learn about the industry and obtain good mining equipment
Help youth and women establish, create and find markets for their products.
Empower people with disabilities by
• Increasing awareness about what disabled people can do to bring development to the society.
• Providing equipment for training, and the funding needed to be self reliant and contribute to society.

We need used computers, printers and photocopiers to help us in the work we do. When we want to access the Internet or type any documents, we have to go to a secretarial services office because we do not have the equipment.

We really need this equipment to assist the work we are doing for communities in Mbeya region. This will save a lot of the cost of going  to the town centre, Internet access and printing and photocopying.

The equipment will also help with printing teaching material for the various training we offer. Also, depending on the number of computers we get, we would like to provide training to the communities we are serving.  This will be beneficial to pupils and students in the communities and will improve school performances as some material would be obtained from Internet access.

Obtaining this equipment will have a great impact on the communities we serve, including our office departments.
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